This program is all about

You Consciously Creating The Life You Desire, Effortlessly.


Many people are not aware,

2016 - 2024 is the span of time where

we humanity walk into a whole new era. 

A whole New Creating Mode.

A whole New Civilisation Mode.


In the past few years,

All of us have done a lot, a lot of inner work

(knowingly and unknowingly).

Now is the time that

we begin to really SEE and FEEL the shift happening on earth.


With earth moving closer to the core of the galaxy,

the energetic influences from all the other planets

push us to clear whatever that's still held within us,

that no longer serves us, that's heavy, dense...


It's a great thing!

So that we can walk in the next few years,

light and clear.

BUT this process can cause confusion, challenges,

because everything about ourselves is/will be changing,

our physical body, energy state, emotions, intuitive and psychic senses...


That's why I'm inspired to create this space of support & guidance,

to assist you in this process of shifting and changing,

and smoothly walking into the exciting new era of

Effortless Creating.



Program details:

* Program lasts 12 months (August 2016 to July 2017)

* Monthly group calls (questions of each participant will be answered by Jingjing and benefit all participants)

* Monthly group calls will be held on tele seminar platform - you'll be able to directly interact with Jingjing via phone, or Skype (for Free).

* Monthly group calls will be scheduled at the same time each month (for the convenience of all participants)

* You'll be sent the latest info, energy update, tools, videos EVERY WEEK to support your process

* Exclusive Facebook Group - where you'll be able to interact with other participants and support each other. Jingjing will also hop in to answer your questions when it's relevant and urgent. 



Program Investment

$1350 (before August 1st, 2016)

(price goes up after the date)


Not only is this the highest money-value program

(considering the rate of Jingjing's 1 on 1 program),


the FIRST 5 sign up participants before August 1st will be receiving

a 45 mins 1-on-1 coaching with Jingjing ($850 value)

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