This is not your typical "Coaching"

I'm here to guide you to shift into

a whole new dimension,

a whole new mode of creating,

a whole new state of living.

Joyful Creating, Effortless Thriving.


Get ready for some mind bending expansion, lots of never-knew-possible liberation, many many times of clarity clicking within.



Are you in the midst of life confusion, a state of funk, not knowing why... and certainly not knowing HOW to get out?

Or.. Are you wishing to dive in the 4 Months Transformation, yet due to some reason, unable to?

This is your perfect option. 

In this session, Jingjing will support and guide you around the issues you're facing at the moment.

And centring around the "issue", she will open you to a new realm of expansion, so that you'll not only get clarity and tools on the issue at hand, but also most equipped for your journey of further awakening and evolving.

Book your session now.


If you're done feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, confused, AND, you're dying for a new life of passion, aliveness, purpose and true joy, let alone, effortless abundance..

You are in the RIGHT PLACE

This 4 Month ONE-ON-ONE program is heart made for you. It's the heart promise from Jingjing - your life will transform in such profound ways that you'd barely recognise the best way.

You have exclusive personal access to Jingjing during the entire program. This offers deep and intimate healing for you as well as massive catered-for-you guidance, which in turn facilitates your faster transformation.

Are you ready on board?

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This program is all about ON-GOING Group Support for you to step into conscious joyful creating, and effortless living.

With the collective consciousness awakening, we're gradually but most definitely settling in a whole new era of high vibration on earth.

In order to for this to happen, everything dense, heavy, limiting within us has to be cleared and transmuted.. - which can cause constant confusion in us, if not informed.

That's why Jingjing created this space:

To offer monthly support & guidance in this time of great shift, for you to, with more ease and clarity, walk in the exciting new era of:

Effortless Creating. 

Over the years, many of you shared how much you'd really love opportunities to meet Jingjing IN PERSON..

You asked, we answer! Even better, how about meeting Jingjing in some of your home cities!?

We will plan a series of LIVE events in different cities - you'll not only get to meet Jingjing IN PERSON, but also receive her themed group lecture and program.

Expect an incredible energy expansion and explosion.

W're making it an intimate experience for you, so space will be very limited. Be sure to book your entry once they're made open!

Come to meet Jingjing.