One on One Private Coaching *Special*


PAY-IN-FULL: $5,600




This programs is tailored around YOU (your story, your challenges, your desires, your strengths, your traits and your life journey). Please expect us to go DEEP about You, through (but not limited to) the following topics:



Effortless Success is Your Birthright. You're meant to Live Life Unrestricted. But you must know - it's an Inside Game. It's about how you BE within.


  • WHY you have those dream, those desires.. - it may be very different from what you think.
  • Identify what you TRULY want in life..(HUGE.)
  • WHY so many things happen or, block you from living your dreams - you will have a good relief of laugh.
  • It's time to Know what your life is really about..(the answer will surprise you, will "enlighten" you)
  • The power of connecting to your childhood - wait, not in a psychologist's way :) In fact, a very joyful experience!
  • BIG revelation: the ONLY formula you need to live the MOST glorious life you can..and how to apply it in your life.
  • Feel the EASE of life, the ease of your dreams come true..right from the beginning!
  • You're going to automatically go for your dreams and desires - immediate shift.
  • Why this is the BEST time ever to create the life you want.
  • This is MUCH more than your dreams come true.. - A life BEYOND your wildest dreams is awaiting you.
  • The "scary" yet laughable truths about your beliefs  and their incredible power over your life.
  • How to let your beliefs powerfully serve you to create what you WANT, easier than you think!
  • Your ultimate Solution for "Negative thoughts".
  • The REAL secret of Visualisation & how to do it the "right" way.
  • The truth about “Law of Attraction" that makes "bringing what you desire into reality" REALLY EASY!
  • How to make ANY change happen in your life, with ease and fun! (including changing your habits!)
  • How to FINALLY have true core confidence in yourself.
  • How to tap into the infinite power within you.
  • The big piece of Self-love and Self-worth. Big.
  • Learn to FEEL the truth of infinite possibilities.
  • How and why to stay true to YOU, your own desires and choices.
  • Your HIGHEST service for everyone, especially your loved ones..
  • Why you MATTER to this world, WAY MORE than you think.



The fun, power and energy flow through what your DO.

  • Your visions matter, and don't matter... (I will explain!)
  • You'll start birthing your new life from day one!
  • You'l transform your days of "busy doing" to truly "CREATING YOUR DREAM LIFE".
  • You'll discover the career/business you are meant to do by following the ULTIMATE formula of life. (Big but easy and fun!)
  • Your "dream" ideas about career/business will bloom into REALITY happening!
  • You'll have crystal clarity, deep knowing on career/business direction and the next steps.
  • You'll build solid and profound inner foundation for your new career/business to keep unfolding in powerful ways.
  • You'll become the most joyful person you know.
  • Your actions will be sweet, delicious, passionate, full of joy.. You'll be truly IN LOVE with life.
  • You'll revamp your habits into ones that serve you EASILY and FUN-LY!



As your Soul Catalyst, I don't take "conventional" paths. So expect our work together to be deep yet refreshing. I'm not here to JUST get you results, I'm here to support you and guide you on your soul evolution. "Paradoxically", doing inner work will get you results better than you can ever imagine. 

 This will be one of the most profound and unconditionally loving relationships you have on your journey of life. I live by the Truth of LOVE, and I take you to the heart of my heart, indeed our soul rendezvous it is.

Please expect to be open, to go way beyond the norm-thinking and explore the infiniteness of Life - every bit of it will take you to new levels of Freedom, Peace and Joy that you're CRAVING, that you don't even know possible. And from there, the life of your dreams will land in your lap magically, and will take on a whole new different light and richness.

Please also know, all paths are Valid, all tools are effective. You need to follow the ones that resonate with you - they're the ones that are valid for YOU, and they're the ones that can eventually WORK for you.

If you feel drawn to the words of my heart, my story, my message, my work, trust your intuition (it's your Highest Intelligence!). Move towards it and let this reveal what it has for you. If you don't, let's honour it with a full heart, and trust that the Right teacher will come along your way to guide you to the ultimate Effortless Thriving you're meant to claim in this life time.


METHODS & TECHNIQUES (not limited to)

  • Less on structure, more with the Flow/Intuition
  • Raw and super practical spirituality :)
  • Energy work.
  • Guided meditations of various themes & purposes.
  • EFT/Tapping.
  • Creative visualisation.
  • Breath work.
  • A great variety of energy shifting tools applied in session or/and after session is done.
  • Many more, as appropriate to YOU in our sessions. 



(In addition to breakthroughs covered above, your results will be but not limited to)

  • You'll have crystal clarity on your life's work/ideal business, as well as your Life Purpose! (I know, it's huge. And it may not be what you think it is..!)
  • Your "dream" ideas about business/career will take off faster than you imagine.
  • You'll gain a wonderful new state of being that sticks with you: aliveness, clarity, confidence, passion, joy and purpose..
  • You'll fully understand the universal laws in creating what you wantall so easy and simple!
  • You'll have a new level of Trust and Faith, a level of ease and peace you've never experienced.
  • You'll regain a sense of profound FEEDOM & LIGHTNESS you have long missed..(You know you crave it..)
  • You'll have a clear understanding of your talents and uniqueness, & how to align them for you to THRIVE.
  • You'll TRULY begin a brand new journey with infinite possibilities in your purposeful career/business.
  • You'll finally LIVE that big beautiful life with passion and purpose, instead of just thinking about it..
  • You'll experience a level of self-love and self-worth that'll change EVERYTHING about you and your life..
  • You'll take INCREDIBLE pride in yourself and your life.
  • You'll have vibrant health & an ideal body you adore, if that's what you desire ;-).
  • You'll inevitably experience profound transformation in all your relationships, especially the most significant ones for you.


What's included:

  • 2 Hours Bonus Intensive Coaching 

  • Welcome Pack - Let your transformation begin before the sessions!
  • 3-Month Option: 12 Weekly Sessions (Value $10,000)
  • or 4-Month Option: 8 Weekly Sessions + 4 Bi-weekly Sessions (Value $10,000)
  • Direct email access to Jingjing throughout the entire program
  • Tailored-for-You resources along the journey (*priceless..)
  • Complete recording of all sessions


PAY-IN-FULL: $5,600


*This is the HIGHEST-VALUE package in 2017.

So if you're ready to open the door to CHANGE,

if you desire to step into the NEW life of Clarity, Ease, Passion and Purpose.

Then, this is your Best Opportunity.

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