Why I don't teach Law of Attraction


I'm a certified Law of Attraction coach.

Yes, you saw that right.

It's that law everyone talks about. And many people "use" it to attract what they want.

And yet, here I am, sharing all sorts of subjects that are seemingly irrelevant..

Inner peace, upper limit problem, what to do when feeling lost, love your body and yourself, give yourself alone time... even crystals!

But there is a reason to that. Some great reasons ;-)

That's what today's video is about - my "confession" about those reasons.

And I promise, you won't want to miss it : )

What was your understanding of Law of Attraction? Has this changed your thoughts about it?

Hope this has been clarifying and helpful for you!

So you can truly get on the journey of effortless success, the journey of joyfully creating a life you truly desire.

Big love,