What To Do With Negative Self-talk?


This week's video was meant to come to you at a later time.

However, given the beautiful timing of Venus Retrograde, (*Read this*), this video can't wait to meet you :)

<Negative Self-talk>

This is one of those subjects, that hover around in the background of our lives.

Are they loud and annoying enough, for you to stop the show of your "busy life", and take a serious look?

Often not.

But THAT'S WHY, it becomes A HUGE issue. If you haven't noticed. 

Because, your thoughts impact your energy, your energy attracts your reality.

Subtly, intricately, but most certainly.

So believe or not, those seemingly insignificant, day to day, moment to moment, negative self-talks - Are Creating Your Reality.

When you tell yourself,  "I can't find a partner, and all the good ones are taken".

There is a sure reality waiting on the outside, to make sure you are right.

When you tell yourself, "I'm not pretty. I'm not smart".

You can be guaranteed, that nobody will tell you the opposite.

But panic not. I have good news for you :)

Let this week's video take you on a special journey that will sure surprise you.

All my love,