September Birthday Series - II

It's a 9-9-9-9 day today!

September 9, 2016. (2+0+1+6=9; 2+0+1+6+9+9=9)


A bit of cosmic fun for you 😇

Numbers carry Energetic Frequency, (Just like Everything - it's all Energy!)

Therefore, each day is Very Special, and has a particular energy frequency & purpose...

(Now you get a sense, NOTHING is coincidence. Absolutely Nothing.)


9 is known for: Completion, Ending of a cycle, Beginning of a new...

You could well say,

Hooray! Let's celebrate.

The past 9 years is coming to a full circle.  (Yes, with some "prices" I know..❤️)

Your New Life Cycle begins! And it's going to be Deliiiiicious!



Onto Birthday-Month-Gift Series:

Abraham Hicks - altered my life, awakened my heart.


The day I found about them, felt like my New & True Birthday. I couldn't help crying for days...

Why? 🙃 I'll let you discover yourself - it might be a Journey of Tears for you too 💓


Get ready to Remember, the Truths of who you are even before time existed..

Get ready to Reclaim, the Power you've always had but forgotten..


👼Your Life Will Never Be The same.👼



Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks & The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks