September Birthday Series III

It's another 9999 portal.
September: 9; 1+8=9; 2+0+1+6=9; 9+1+8+2+0+1+6=27 (2+7=9)

9 days after last 9999 portal on Sep 9, and 9 days from the next 9999 portal on Sep 27.

9 is a magical number, besides being the last digit signifying completion, it maintains its integrity whatever it's added to:
9+1=10 (1+0=1)
9+2=11 (1+1=2)
9+3=12 (1+2=3)

And 9 contains all the numbers: 
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=36 (3+6=9)

Do you see a pattern here? 
9 teaches you to maintain your integrity by BEING and DOING what is TRUE TO YOU. 
Not someone else's idea of you.
Not what's good for everyone else.
What's good for YOU.

Only YOU KNOW what's right for you,
Only by going within will you know,
For your Soul speaks gently, guides quietly.

Be TRUE about how you really feel, 
Be TRUE with what you really desire.

-excerpt guidance from Kari Samuels

Now onto Birthday Month Series😇

Getting serious - 
It's time to Understand "Time".
It's time to Question "Reality".

What if time is not linear?
What if past, present, future all exist in the Now?

What if reality is Not Real after all?
What if all realities are happening simultaneously?

Are you ready to get your mind blown open? 😊

Three Movies for you:

About Time - a heartwarming narrative suggests the secret of Time, light spirit, relatable emotions, remarkable creativity.

The 13th Floor - intriguing plots implying the Truth of reality, dimensions, and Time. A little...jaw-dropping.

The Matrix - a classic "reality check" reflecting how the world REALLY works. Hard, brutal and at times uncomfortable.. yet if you're ready, it's for you.

Enjoy my sweet friends 🐬💫👼🐬💫👼::)