Are You "Afraid" of Happiness?

On my brother's wedding day, while everything was set to go...

- Yes THE Ceremony.

He sat beside me and said,

"I think I'm having a moment of happiness-fear syndrome.."


That's my most adorable brother..

I love him so much...That I would die for him.

Hearing this was like.. "Oh my dear dear bro!"


YET he is right.

He felt that uncomfortable feeling of,

"Wow..I'm so happy, so blessed, everything is so good.."


But you might be wondering.

Huh?? Then he is afraid of that?



And let me tell you.

That's the most "strange" thing about happiness.

Sometimes, We're a little afraid of it,

Or in fact, Quite afraid.


Let this week's video reveal to you,

The Hidden Secret that you didn't know about yourself..

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Do you resonate? - Let me hear your heart gasp. Seriously! :P

Life is such a journey - whether you know it or not, its sole purpose is to call us to BE FULLY WHO WE ARE.

That may not always mean sunshine and rainbow - in fact, quite the opposite. It involves creating all the Experiences, bringing all the People, all the emotions get us Open Our Heart and say,

What's within me that I MUST see and move beyond? What's within me that's "stopping" me from living Truly free, Truly joyful, Truly fulfilled, Truly truly blessed..?

Once we open that doorway, a WHOLE NEW world opens for us.

THAT has been my journey. My Soul Journey here. 

I gasp at how far I've come (not in human complacency) but in such humility - for the More I know, the more it humbles me, it expands me to Love, Honor and Respect all, absolutely All and Everything.

So hope this video has served its purpose to poke what needs to be poked, or re-poke what needs to be re-poked :) 

Stay tuned for next video with loads of tips on transcending those Upper Limits that are in place to "protect" you, so that you can move beyond the limitations and Move In to that mansion of unlimited blessings. 

Big Love,