You Owe Your Solitude to Yourself

Fair warning - today's video sounds a bit serious... :)

But I promise, it's made with deep love, care and consideration.

I wish it to be of service for you, especially in this intense year of 2016. Where so many people are going through "what is going on, Universe?" time. 

As you'll see in the video - I explained in part the reason why it feels so intense. Earth is moving deeper into the galactic core, and that causes strong energy fluctuation around and on earth.

Hence we (human beings) feel it strongly - as a way to clear whatever within us that's heavy, dense and negative...It's time to let them go, so that we can travel light in our next grand journey.

Yes - grand indeed. In the coming few years, we're going to walk into a whole new era on earth. Never before - 4th density reality.

It's SO EXCITING! I'll bring more info in the future. But for now - enjoy this video and follow the guide I offer so that you can best utilise this powerful (can be challenging) 2016 and benefit your next journey!

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I genuinely hope this video is of service to you, leave a comment below or send email to to let us know!

I look forward to bringing you more raw info in the future to support your journey - much of it will turn your world upside down. In the best way possible :)

Big love,


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