Way Better Than Winning Lottery

You might be wondering, 

"We're not really talking about winning lottery? Are we?" :)

It all started with a question by one of my clients, 

"If we truly are blessed universal beings of love and light, that we can do, be or have anything we desire to experience, let's say the craziest idea - can I win the lottery if I want?"

Want to know the answer?

Plus the answer to that secret "How" question? ;-)

What comes up for you about the subject? Do you agree? Feel free to share your thoughts below!


I have something ultra exciting to share with you!

On June 20, Full Moon and Summer/Winder Solstice overlap this year - making it an extra potent energetic event for all of us on the planet. 

Without making it sound too complicated - we're being supported to move forward into NEW life direction, in ways unprecedented before!

It's truly an incredible time for us collectively and personally. So take the time to connect to your heart, listen to inner spirit. 

SOOO I'm going to be LIVE on Facebook sharing HOW this changes the entire Game of manifesting the life we desire! And I'll be sharing techniques that you don't want to miss! 


Be sure to tune in:

June 22 (Tuesday), 10pm EST, 7pm PST.

LIVE video streaming on Facebook page:  Effortless Success by Jingjing



So excited to see you there!

Big love,


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