Keep Secret for Your Dreams

I believe we all have dreams.  It's just sometimes we tuck them under the carpet. 

We easily dismiss them..

Why? Mostly because we think dreams are not supposed to Come True. It's just la la..illusional Fun.

Guess what, there is another reason. We're afraid people would think we're... Delusional. To dare to DREAM, to ask for MORE than "normal", to be "idealistic".

But seriously, let's stop this insanity of belittling Life.

Life is INFINITE...! Life is calling us every second of our breathing existence.  "LIVE. Don't just exist!"

Dreams are not fancy creations. They are humble endearing beings. They are here to HELP us! Help us to live full. To live real. To live. TRULY live. 

For without Dream, how will we ever break the suffocation of mediocrity.

So what's your dream? What about those who may think you're delusional?

I've got a good idea for you :)

What's your experience of "having that flame within"? What did you do..?

Mostly, what are you going to do now?

Before you can find someone to fan your flame, do keep protecting and nurturing it, like it's your baby..

For it IS your New Life. It's the most incredible extension of your life!

To you living fully,

Much love