Your Path to Emotional Freedom


Aaaaas promised, this week's video is all about taking you to the Land of Emotional Freedom.

Though unexpectedly delayed, I'm still happy to bring to you in this gorgeous February time - you may have noticed, February feels more like a TRUE start of the New Year, instead of January.

This is in large part due to planetary movements, hence energies impacting earth and everyone of us. 

"Coincidentally" (though you and I know there is no such thing as coincidence), this month, Feb 8th will bring in the Chinese New Year of Fire Monkey!

This fire energy of Monkey will certainly bathe us all in passion...and strong emotions at times! Hence - perfect timing for what's in store for you in this week's video!

The story of Emotion can run deep and way back in human history and the history of the Universe and our planet.

One of the Reasons why we feel the way we feel will shock the heck out of most of us, no kidding :) But, we're not going there today, at least not now. 

We are looking at the practical side of the story - how can we work with this incredible system called Emotional Guidance, so that we can create life experiences that are true to our heart desires, in ways that are free, that are light, that are joyful, that are beautifully fulfilling.

There is a magical tool that helps! - You're in for a treat if you haven't heard about it yet! Let me "convince" you of its magic in this video :)

Click here to visit The Tapping Solution website.

How have emotions play out in your life? :) Do you resonate with this Emotional Freedom tool?

I have personally loved it and used it over the past years and it works every time! I hope you'll try it out and experience the Freedom that allows you to live a full life, a life true to your heart's desire. 

Much love,