Feeling stuck, lost, lonely... What to do?

In many (most) cultures, we are taught to be discreet about our emotions, especially the "uncomfortable" ones.

Somehow we learned this erroneous concept - "Feeling bad" would make us look bad.

This in (huge) part, has caused an increasing number of people to suffer from depression, anxiety...

If only we're compassionate with others AND ourselves. If only we're gentler with ourselves AND others. We'd have seen a much "happier" world.




No emotions are bad. "Negative" emotions DO NOT make you look bad.

It's <Our False Idea about negative emotions>, that makes us BELIEVE that we look bad.


Emotions are our most LOVING guidance, telling us where to go and where not to. Feelings are our most ACCURATE signals, telling us what's right for us and what's not.


But then WHY we're being taught to turn away from them, or ignore, or even fear them?!

Such a great question :) How about a big secret as an answer for you? 

Find out in this week's video.

AND once for all,

You'll remember how Wonderful and Beautiful your emotions TRULY are. No matter how "uncomfortable" or "negative" as they are labelled..

AND then, you'll remember - How Powerful and Wise you ALREADY are.


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Much love,

As always,