September Birthday Series I

I hope you're having a beautiful week, sweet friend.💗

What a Ride to be Alive at this time on Earth. Are you feeling the rumbling change in the air? Within you? People around you?

We Are Walking into A New Era that's never seen on earth before - That means, a whole new way of living to UPGRADE to, Pure Joy, Pure Love, Pure Heart, Openness, Compassion, Empowerment, Sovereignty, True Freedom, Deep Honour, Deep Respect, Transparency…

It's a True Era of Effortless Success & Effortless Creating - for we will COMPLETELY shift our way of operating FROM "on the outside" TO "from within". Because we'll fully understand how we are creating our reality experiences here - 
💓It's all about our Energy State/Vibration.💓

The whole Awakening & Remembering process is magnificent yet can also be confusing. Therefore as of September 2016, I'll dedicate this page to sharing raw writing, raw info, raw Guide and Assist (Y)OUR Journey of consciousness expansion/Awakening/Remembering.

Over the last year, I've intentionally opened this page up to more contact requests - so in this FB space, you & I may never met in person 😊, or you & I are age old friends.. 😊 I cherish all connections on a soul level and hold in knowing this will Serve a big picture…👼

Please consider this a gentle reminder - with all my heart, I wish to be of uplifting service through joyful sharing, yet you're welcome to remove or hide these content from your feed if it doesn't resonate with you.

I not only Respect it but also ENCOURAGE you to - I've been "selecting" my info intake for quite some years, happily report, it has served me, my Growth, my Happiness, my Soul Journey beyond words. ☺️ <We must Feed ourselves Consciously.>

Conversely, if what's shared is of value & resonance for you, please engage with the posts so that future sharing will show in your feed and you won't miss them.

This is because FB feed operates on audience engagement rate - that's one of the reasons why as pages reach thousands friends/following, sometimes fewer audience see their posts.

I look forward to sharing from my Heart useful and helpful content to assist your Joyful expansion in the days to come. 💫💓


10 years ago - a gentle voice began to nag me, “Everyone seem to be just getting through life, I don’t see vitality, I don’t see passion, I don’t see LIFE…And I WANT TO FEEL ALIVE….” Hence the question, “There must be MORE to life, right?”

Shortly after, an Angel soul gifted me a book upon my mentioning the word “Coincidence”. Little did I know this would chart the beginning of my soul awakening. Coincidence? - Not to spoil it but, no such a thing.

What sounded like a fantasy-prophecy in this beautiful book is LITERALLY happening day by day, minute to minute on this planet NOW. And I am (we are) living it, I am (we are) breathing it - Collective Consciousness Awakening. 

It gives me chills and tears to look back this journey and FEEL its depth, vastness, richness… the immeasurable Sacred Love that brought me to tears countless times.

This book got my curiosity flicker about Energy, Vibration, Power-Dynamics/Manipulation between people (even in simple conversations, let alone other scenarios), and Remembering “the lost/forgotten TRUTH”…

It left the “tiny” seed in my psyche that would later on grow to wild fires of FREEDOM, fireworks of KNOWING, bonfires of profound PEACE…

I wholeheartedly present it to you - Book & Movie:

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

If you feel called, give it a try and see what it has to tell you.

Happy Reading/Watching! 💓💫