Your Challenges Are Your Blessings

How do you relate to the word Challenge?

There is a special spot in my heart for it, along with difficulty, hardship.. And here is something weird about me, or - maybe not so weird..

- While I was younger (yes, young-er :), I had explicitly expressed to people, "I can't be more grateful for my life, but strangely I somehow wish that I'd gone through more challenges, difficulties or hardships... Because they make us a much more powerful person, as if they are the precursors of a truly worthwhile Great life."

As you'd imagine - some people would look at me with a bewildered smile (perhaps wondering, "yeah, maybe you Are too comfortable"), or they'd nod along but I knew few really understood what I felt in my heart..

Today, I have come to full circle understanding that "weirdness" of me. Which turns out to be not so weird after all, but rather a divine nudge from the higher part of me to guide me onto the path of creating a Great life that's truly worthwhile.

Did I meet challenges? - OF COURSE! But they might be different from what you'd think. Find out in this week's video! 

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How did you like the video & one of my favourite little stories? :-)

Bright and beautiful as you are, you know that we human beings learn and thrive in the gathered light of each other, so now it's your turn!

Share your thoughts on this most-worth-talking-about subject on the planet,

  • What did you learn from your most "difficult" challenge?
  • Would you deal with it differently if it were happening now?

I'd be thrilled to read them and answer your questions if you have any for me!

AND if you like it, please share with your friends! You never know how easily someone's life is changed by you!

To your big beautiful life,

Much love,



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