Can crystals change your life? + 8/8 2015 Special Offer

"Crystals? - Sounds like an irrelevant topic!"

Well, you are wondering for good reason! I can see why :)

The thing is, it actually Does have to do with Living Your Full-On Thriving Life - the topic I'm most passionate about! (Ok, I admit I'm obsessed...! shhhh...) 

I've lovingly called my crystals my "Coach" that last year while I was in Norway, experiencing my own transformation, having no idea what's ahead of me!...Talking about Challenge..!

*hint: We have no idea how that beautiful life will turn out Until It Does! Because, WE ARE NOT DESIGNED TO KNOW HOW THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

Did you catch that? - Our job is not in literally Making Dreams Come true. In fact, our job is far easier, far simpler!! (I've much more detailed explanation in my eBook: 3 Secrets to Effortless-Dreams-Come-True, Sign Up below to get it for FREE!)

Today I fondly recall that part of my journey with deep appreciation for Life. However, in the mids of it, it felt like a completely different story..

So if you're in any situation similar to mine back then - PLEASE know there is ALWAYS support on your side. Just follow your Inner Compass! 

Let this week's video show you how! :)

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Interested in Chakra energy system and crystals? Super!!

Here are two sources that I personally resonate with and purchase crystals from:

1. Carol Tuttle's Chakra Healing

2. Crystal Age

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