How to Follow Your Passion & Find Your Dream Career

  • ME - "Wish I could find a job or career that I love so much..that it doesn't feel like working!...."
  • ME again, - "oh well, it might just be a pipe dream..Everyone's got to Work right?"

Did this self-talk ever happen to you? Or is it happening to you now?

If so, you will LOVE this week's video!

In this video, I bare my heart  - well, perhaps partly..otherwise, the video will be way too long :), and share with you HOW you can find your calling, your dream career.

YES. It's not only possible, it Must Be. Because you are MEANT to do your life's work, you've planned to THRIVE here before you came. That means, the entire LIFE and Universe has your back.

AND - as you know, I live by the conviction that life is a joyful creation and dreams-come-true can be effortless, so IS finding your life's work!

Effortless, Joy, Ease is not just your goal, it is your PATH. - You will understand even more thoroughly after watching this week's video. 

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In the meantime, here is some loving inspiration from the amazing Alan Watts on Live Life to Your Own DesignIt literally makes me teary every time I watch it..

What's your thought on Living Your Passion & Doing Your Life's work? I'd LOVE to hear it! Please share below - looking forward to reading them!

Much love,



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