The Fastest Path to Your Dream Life

“I’m grateful for the life I have..” 

When was the last time you said that to yourself? 

And really mean it?
That is - Truly Feel It.

Yesterday, while I was talking with my parents on Skype, suddenly I was hit by such a moment.

They are The most amazing parents I can ever wish for, and the kind of unconditional love, support and caring they demonstrate exceeds all my attempts at putting into words in all the years.

Not only did I feel incredibly blessed to have them (and I always have), but also that moment expanded into a profound appreciation for all my life.

But - I’m not saying that my life is Perfect, or close to :)

AND I’m glad it isn’t!

For I know the essence of Life lies in those constantly birthed new desires, in those dearly unfulfilled-yet dreams - they are pulling me forward every single day, they are filling my days and nights with passion of creating, expressing and expanding. 

If you listen within - your version of The Truth will sound similar.

For we are “designed” to move towards more, better, higher, grander...

Before you start questioning about “greed and materialism..”, let this sink in and dwell in you: 

The point of this all is Not in the arriving.
It’s the anticipation, the appreciation, the satisfaction along the journey.
It’s the ride itself that we are all so thrilled with. 

Perhaps you have sensed what this week’s video is about :)

Right this moment, you and I both have yet-to-be-fulfilled dreams. 
Let’s claim it - it’s truly a blessing. 

Let’s take this "Express Path”, and get to those sweet dreams faster than we ever knew possible. 

Now you know it’s possible :)

Much love,



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