Let your dream take off

A dear friend of mine asked, “how do you feel this time around back to Norway?"

This is a country I dearly love and connect with.
This question inspired me to share a few words with you from my heart, 
In the hope that it will serve you in some small way..

Truthfully, the same people, the same city, the same season, the same snow… 
Yet all is but different, in such a miraculous way..

More clarity,
More empowerment,
More knowing,
More appreciation,
More detachment.

The beauty matters, but the purest appreciation FOR the beauty speaks so much more.
The familiarity comforts, but the profound understanding OF that familiarity calms it all.
The closeness warms heart, yet the immense gratitude FOR that soul connection with those I love transcends everything.

I used to want to settle here, thinking, 
"ah… this is a world I have always been looking for."

Yet things evolve. 
I evolve.

A leap of faith took me to height beyond my imagination,
Back to China. Dive into my life’s work.
I didn’t know it would be This glorious.

Now I’m back here, loving here, mesmerised.
And I will come back again, and again, and again...

Yet I don’t belong here,
I think I don’t belong anywhere,
My heart is ever more clear, that I’m set to soar, higher and higher..

The sky is the service and the love for the world,
I’m open. I’m surrendering. I’m trusting.
However grand, however unknown..

So my dear friend,
Know, that All is Temporary,
Embrace every bit of your experience NOW,
Fear NOT to change your mind WHENEVER,
For we are on a path of never-ending Expansion, Growth, and Evolution.

LOVE LOVE LOVE every bit of your experience for What It Is,
NOT for what it will bring LATER,
NOT for your retired life :)

Breathe with the knowing that,
Experience expands you,
Experience empowers you,
Experience is All There Is.

Live fully NOW.

All my love,

AND of course, it's my absolute pleasure to give you a peek into the lovely Norway, as it's beautifully dancing through my lens, always :)