How to Get Your Happy Days Back

Sounds like I'm having some kind of "oh those happy old days..." nostalgia?

Not really :) 

I believe in the heart of my hearts, Life is always getting better. Although it often doesn't get the credit until seen in hindsight, or viewed as a whole picture. 

In the mids of all this, life is graciously blossoming with fragrances of wisdom, insight, knowing..that we can gratefully breathe into the depth of our heart, our soul..

That's a full circle of life, of you and I being here.

AND today's video makes me feel a breeze of such fragrance. Gratefully, I'm sharing it with you :)

This is not intended as cure-it-all solution for a (popular-sense) Happy Life, but it will certainly get your momentum going on track to a full-on thriving life.

Believe not? - Try it out!! :)

As I constantly remind myself - "Knowing without practicing equals not knowing at all", I invite you to put it into practice, in your own life!

For only then, can you KNOW the truth of it, can you truly experience the impact it may bring to you, as the ancient Chinese saying goes, "Knowing comes from practices, Wisdom comes from experiences". 

Quite true, isn't it?!

So, sounds delicious already - I can't help but start imagining for you.. :) 

Let me know how your experiment goes!

Much love,



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