How to Build True Confidence


This could be the Very First word I - or, everyone, for that matter - have ever heard about Personal Growth, way before I even knew the term personal growth, in the "young and innocent" days :)

You might know the Competence/Confidence loop: more competence gives one more confidence; vice versa, more confidence, means the person can gain competence even more easily. 

I wouldn't argue over that - it's absolutely one of the viable ways to build up confidence: "get more competence, then you will be more confident."

However, I'd like to compare that to a remedy, rather than getting straight to the core, the root of it all.

That's where True Confidence or Core Confidence comes in. 

In this video, you will not only learn what True Confidence is, but also realise that it's the most natural birth right of each and everyone of us. 

We only need to re-collect it and re-kindle it - yes, through an action plan! :)

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Much love