How to Be Present

Did you see now? :)

I didn't really just talk about Personal Charisma in our last video, but rather how important it is to Be Present.

Without fully understanding and, truly Being Present, we will not able to build our dream life. Because Presence sets the foundation, it determines the Core, the Essence of that dream life, which is a rich and delicious inner life.

Not being able to be present, no matter how much we accomplish on the outside, we will always suffer from unwanted inner state, such as worry, frustration.. on an ongoing basis.

On the other side, being present will not only assist you tremendously in fulfilling your Dreams, your external desires, but also, bring you the kind of inner state you've barely experienced, a state of abundance, strength, clarity, peace, and most of all, Joy.

So, beautiful soul, I believe you've got a sense on how important it is to practice being Present. And I'm guessing now you want to find out..How to Be Present, as well? :)

Good! This week's video will take you through some of my time-tested tips to help you Be More Present! Enjoy!

Much love,