Don't Make Wishes

I know, we all have. Made. Wishes. 

And I too think - THAT it's such a beautiful and innocent thing. I have no intention to spoil all of that :)

Yet in reality - in this bone-flesh physical world - we are wired for the fulfilment, the satisfaction of turning thin air into knock-on-wood Real thing. 

So, if you agree - that you DO want to turn wishes into living breathing reality. Then allow me to shed a bit light on the subject. 

It's NO small matter - as you will find in this video, that a glimpse of clarity can completely alter your life, as it happened to me. 

I'm Beyond grateful for whoever (and whatever) that had inspired me of that Glimpse of Clarity at that crossing of my Life. 

AND all of this reminds me Every Day why I do what I do. (now this makes me cry)

Nothing compares to the feeling of hoping, even, knowing that, somewhere a searching and confused soul might get hit by her/his version of "glimpse of clarity" and her/his life is altered completely.

AND an altered life is just the beginning! YES, you heard me.

There is a whole new horizon of Life awaits you, beyond what you can imagine now. 

And it's not even so much about living that dreamed reality, it IS about you literally Becoming A New Person, you rising to a state of being that few have Reached.

It's a state of profound Confidence and Trust in yourself and in life, it's finally tasting the Joy of CREATING Your Life rather than struggling and fighting against life.

I know I talked more than expected today. I can't help pouring my heart here..

And I'm crying all over.  - "Too much crying lately Jingjing!" I know!

It just hurts me Hard to think so many of us out there, feeling "blurry" and helpless in the face of life situations, giving our inner power away. Just like that little girl (me) years back.

That's the hardest feeling in the world for me. 

I pray that more of us claim our inner power. 
And I pray to be of little use on your grand journey.

Then my heart can beat in peaceful content.

With all my love,