Difficult or Not? - It's Your Call.

How often do we hear this question, 
"So, was it hard to (do what you just did)?.."

Or better yet, how often do we hear people "Truthfully & Innocently" profess,
"Yeah, you know it's really hard (to do that thing that I have never done yet).."

You know what I mean :)
In fact, no kidding - I had just heard some today! It was a really convinced tone. 

That's why today's topic is worth some great attention from us.

For I believe you are like me,
- You are living life as an ever expanding adventure that is calling forth More Freedom, More Joy, More Fulfilment on a soul level as each sacred moment goes by; 
- You are wanting to experience the Fullest of Life by expressing your passions, expressing who you are.

If so, you will see the tremendous value in bringing this subject to day light. 
I kind of think you will love it :)

- De rien! (this has been successfully making me laugh this whole weekend..just imagine reading it as "mercy" & "d-re-an".. at least it sounds super funny to me :)

With much love,