2 Key Mentalities to Thriving

We all want a life of true successes, defined on our own terms. 

Let's acknowledge this wanting and desiring, with pride, clarity and joy. For, desiring is the engine that calls life energy out of our Being, and ultimately pulls our life experience forward. Otherwise, we would simply exit this game. 

I like to call a truly successful life  - Thriving.

In this day and age, we are collectively directed to believe and act in a way that says "We create our own life experiences", with full empowerment and conviction. 

However, we don't just live in individualised bubbles but rather in a connected and shared space with all those around us, if not immediately with the whole world. 

That means, we are susceptible to external Influences imposed by others - one of such influences, is their shiny and often times yummy (at least looks so) success. 

It's safe to say that most of us get tripped over this. BUT the wonderful news is, if flipped around, it can serve us tremendously and in surprising ways.

This is what I felt inspired to share with you this week.

It was quite an emotional experience shooting this video - makes me appreciate my life and all that I experienced in even new light and depth. 

I hope it resonates with you and it serves you. 

With much love,