Are You Settling?

I bet, somewhere along the line, in some split second, you've "dreamed" of a wildly different life. 

A wildly BETTER life, I'd say.

Am I right?

"Better" may mean different things to different people. Yet the essence is always the same - A life that's closer and closer to one's ideal.

We all have had such moments. But, many - most - never walked into that version of life...

Not because they are not CAPABLE to do so, but because they didn't BELIEVE they can, and they stopped before they even tried.

What if you're guaranteed with dreams-come-true? What if all of this is for you to realise, "You ARE all powerful. And you CAN experience anything you desire"?

Would you do your life differently?...

Watch closely - you'll catch a few slips of tongue of mine in this video.. Excusez-moi! :P

How are you overcoming "settling" in your life? I'd love to hear your Success Stories! Even more importantly - how has that changed YOU as a person? ..

Much love,


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