Your Most Valuable Asset & Your Biggest Enemy

Question for you: "Do you think we're all born equal?" 

This might just be one of the most difficult questions on the planet. 

I'd like to share my answer with you.

Essentially, YES. We are all born equally blessed in ways beyond the scope of human psyche. 

However, the real question to ask is - "Does it even matter?" 

No. It doesn't.

Because, if you know, you have incredible creative power within, you will not care if you were Born equal with anyone else.

If you know, you CAN achieve anything you desire, then there's no NEED to compare. All you need, is to exercise YOUR OWN POWER, to paint your own beautiful art, to weave your own magnificent tapestry called Life. 

That Power, is your Most Valuable Asset.

Anything you desire, is truly yours to claim.

Merry Christmas! 

I wish you a most wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones - a best time to remind yourself how blessed you are.

Much love sent your way,


P.S. Did you get yourself something special? If not, this might just be the perfect and BEST gift ever for yourself.