in gratitude & appreciation

Working with Jingjing, was an amazing experience from start to finish. 

Her energy, enthusiasm for both me and life in general, 

shone through in every conversation that we had. 

The key thing that stuck out and has remained with me, is how attuned Jingjing is,

with her intuition and her ability to ask exactly the right question 

or work through exactly the right exercise to help me access the answers I was looking for

blew me away. 

I cannot recommend Jingjing highly enough and if you're thinking about whether to work with her, but haven't quite made up your mind, stop thinking about it and get on with it, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve together! 



Meeting Jingjing, with no exaggeration, 

is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

I came across Jingjing's video on "procrastination",

which turned out to be no accident. 

As I was desperately wanting to improve myself yet 

found myself trapped in all the "realities", stress, complex situations...

unable to find the path to where I want to be. 

My initial goal was very specific and a short term one

- get into a PHD program. 

Jingjing not only guided me to find the best option and solution, 

but also, with such wisdom and such love,

showed me a whole new way of living - 

 I have never lived so fully with this level of solid happiness, definite purpose and profound freedom. I was only expecting to "pick a sweet blossom", but through her guidance, her profuse love and deep caring, Jingjing showed me an entire spring..  

I'm grateful to you beyond all words, my dear coach! 


It is with unlimited enthusiasm

that Jingjing took care of me and my coaching subjects

and it was a great gain to get her insights for opening

my mind and practice to get to higher vibration!!! 

I experienced a big leap of success during our time together!!!



After some years reading and doing some research

my interest in coaching grew enormously.

So I decided to attract, by means of the law of attraction,

the right coach in my life - That’s how I met Jingjing.

When I heard her voice and felt her energy,

I immediately knew she was the right person I had been attracting for a while!

I acted and it happened to be an excellent experience

which helped me connect with my divine soul,

increased my faith and raised my emotional vibration. 

Jingjing appeared in my life to remind me how the Universe works:

desire, willingness, faith, peace, manifestation.

She owns the perfect inner tools necessary to drive you through this journey to manifest whatever your desire is. 

I have no words to express my gratefulness

for the involvement, passion and love devoted by Jingjing in this process of co-creation. 


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Working with Jingjing means

getting enormous amount of crystal clear energy and enthusiasm

that helps me so much to believe that everything can be fine in our life

- this is my experience.

The best and most important is that this new belief remained with me and helped me to change my way of thinking into much more positive.

Thank you Jingjing


I'm fortunate to have met you and to receive your help.

You made my life turn around and begin completely anew.

You are the first coach that I have ever contacted, fully trusted and believed in.

I think it's because there is a special "power and strength" within you.

Within only 2 sessions, you've identified and dissolved the biggest and darkest hurdles in my consciousness that have been "controlling" me for 18 years!

Clearing these hurdles have brought a whole new different state of living for me. 

Just as I've shared with you after our 2nd session,

"I'm sincerely grateful to you, for guiding me out of this Spell

that's haunted me for so many years. 

You are truly a remarkable coach. Meeting you is a Great turning point of my life. It's Your guidance that have brought me to where I am - a state of  beautiful energetic explosion."



Jingjing is a coach who really loves and cares about her clients.

She holds her knowing firmly in the Truth of following our heart and our joy.

When I goes to my BRAIN/MIND and talk about what I SHOULD do,

she catches it fast and helps me go back to my heart every time.

She helped me find my way back to who I Really Am - with least time and energy.

Her presence encourages and inspires me to follow my heart and never settle for less.

Jingjing also does not please her client instead,

she is not afraid of telling you the truth.

With her help, you will achieve where you want to go easier and faster.

Thank you, Jingling.  


Wow what can I say.... Jingjing you were so inspirational.

Thank you very much in showing me how I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

I was in a very low place when I first spoke with you

and you helped and guided me in the right direction.

I really can't thank you enough.

You believed in me and I can't thank you enough.

Love and Light Jingjing.



A Challenging relationship led me to realise that I need healing, that's how I found Jingjing.

With her guidance and support, I had the courage to face deep-buried emotional pains and wounds, and I was able to find the Root Issues of my relationship challenges throughout so many years. 

I'm very fortunate to have met Jingjing. As a coach and guide, it's her authenticity, her honesty, her big love as well as the warmth of her expanded spiritual awareness that led me to Trust her completely. So that I could open my heart, share the deepest, the darkest and most challenging part of my inner world. 

By working with her, I literally feel I'm waking up from a deeply asleep, unconscious body to a fully empowered, conscious and aware being. This does not only help me with my relationships and future partnership, but even more importantly, help me Find Myself, find my peace and joy within.

I'm truly grateful for you Jingjing - thank you for bringing me to this level of awareness and knowing of life. Your guidance has taken me to an incredible bright new path of love and joy. 



Jingjing has changed my life.

I started thinking about the question of Life Directions since I was very little.

But I'd been confused to know what to do with my life,

nobody could give me the right guidance..

until when I met Jingjing.

Jingjing helped me SO MUCH, SO MUCH.

I'm not the way I was before. I'm a totally different person now.

And I'm coming back to my core, stronger and stronger every day.

The best is yet to come!

I have found what I really love and I'm passionately pursuing it.

I've learnt to face my truth and to really be myself. 

It feels so right, and I KNOW it can’t be wrong.

I'm looking forward to embracing whatever the Universe will deliver to me.

I'm growing and hungry for more and more of life has to offer!

I Love My Life...


I was connected to Jingjing at a time when

I was about to shift my old limiting belief system,

but needed a kindly push in the right direction, because I felt stuck.

Jingjing unfolded out the possibility for me, in a way and in a sense that enabled me to move forward.

I am so grateful to have had this contact with Jingjing,

who is gentle and clear minded to me,

who wants me to succeed and enjoy the greatness in life.

Thank you Jingjing for being here

in this life, at this time and in this moment.


Jingjing is born to be a coach.

She is absolutely exploding with enthusiasm and

has an irrepressible positive attitude.

She also has a great deal of empathy for others and is a great listener.

Our sessions helped me a great deal to develop more clarity about what was the vital next move I needed to take at a critical point in my life. I would recommend her highly as a Law of Attraction Coach.




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