Ever since being a little girl, Jingjing has intuitively followed the guidance of her inner joy, which has led her all the way through learning what she loves, and seeking what she quests, to this day.

By the time of her awakening in 2009, she was working in a multinational company based in Shanghai, as a certified corporate trainer to help thousands of employees develop their efficacy at work.

Upon hearing the pressing inner voice of “I have to live what I truly want before it’s too late..”, Jingjing followed her heart desire to experience Europe, as she puts it. She then received a full scholarship for a master study in France and Norway. 

With receiving her European Master degree for Professionals in Training and Education, she once again listened to her inner call to become a Life Coach, to fulfil her ever-present vision of being a bright beam to light up the world for many others.

As a certified Law of Attraction coach, a spiritual guide, a healer at core, Jingjing helps her clients access their ultimate clarity within by offering guidance and supporting their inner healing and re-balancing, so that they can truly begin to create a life of purpose and prosperity, a life of joyful creation, effortless living.

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The longer version..of my awakening

I'd wake up in the middle of the night, haunted by a dark fear..I feared that I would quietly grow old in all the routine, never live the dreams of my heart, never live the bigger life that I could almost FEEL yet couldn't put words on ... 

That fear, was like a dark hole pulling me in. I was so scared. 

If you were to tell me 10 years ago..

That I would be living in Europe, travelling, having the most incredible friends around the world, most importantly, doing the work I'm truly passionate about in the depth of my heart & serve people in the most meaningful way.

I'd cry.

NOT that I would be sad, but it would be TOO WONDERFUL to be true, just TOO WONDERFUL.

Yet, today I'm living it. As I'm putting these words down, tears are rolling down my face.

My name is Jingjing. I'm a Soul Catalyst - Life Coach for aspiring women and men who don't want to settle in a job and life that are less than truly satisfying. I'm here to help you access the ultimate clarity within, so that you understand your life purpose, discover your life's work, and create a life of passion, purpose and financial abundance. 

If you and I met anywhere offline, we would easily have a cheery conversation and in the end, I'd ALWAYS encourage you to

"Go for whatever you truly desire in life. It's NOT hard to live your dreams. You just need to WANT it, and go for it. You must not settle. "

BUT, what makes me Qualified to tell you that?

That is, besides a fountain of deep caring and compassion that's always-on in my heart..? (btw, you have one too!)

I'm from a small town in the center of China, in fact, I was born in a tiny small village, to two incredible parents who had practically nothing but true unconditional love. 

I have always been a Dreamer - as YOU are!

That makes us dreamer siblings! :) :)

It still gets me tremendously emotional to recall the night before I left for Shanghai for my dream university..when I pointed at the gorgeous Shanghai night view shown on TV, telling my dad,   

 "I can't believe I'm going to Shanghai tomorrow." 

You will understand my emotions once I tell you,

  • that it's excruciatingly competitive to get into a good university in China, let alone one in Shanghai - the most desirable (truly amazing) city of the country,

  • that I was FAR from being a Hard working, top student with huge expectations from everyone..

  • that many of my peers at school, who I had seen spend years STRIVING, WORKING SO HARD for their dreams...Failed. (It makes me cry every time I think of this..)

Then I began to wonder, 

"Am I being Blessing-lucky?... Or, is there something else at work?"


That was the first trigger of this whole thing I'm stirring up for you.  - *stay tuned*


Fast forward - after 4 years of incredible expansion in university,

somehow...I "stumbled" upon my dream job,

without notoriously-useful connections,  with no fancy grades or badges of awards, 

without even 'I've got get there' kind of Striving... 

Basking in Infinite Gratitude, truly, 

I began to ponder on that Same question again, yet with a different tone this time,

"there should be something else at work, more than luck, striving, effort-ing.." 



As much as I was enjoying all the learning & growing at my job (Learning is my NO.1 joy factor!), it had gotten clear that corporate ladder doesn't interest me. 

Instead, deep in my heart was a "wild" dream, a burning desire - to experience Europe as a student. AND, somewhere within I felt there is a bigger life for me..I wanted to help people, but instead of a little candle with dim light, I KNEW I wanted to be a powerful beam that lights up the world of many..


For various reasons (that you may relate..) called "the comfort zone".


Confused, lost, stuck, and my confidence is gone...

I'd wake up in the middle of the night, haunted by a dark fear..I feared that I would quietly grow old in all the routine, never live the dreams of my heart, never live the bigger life that I could almost FEEL yet couldn't put words on... 

That fear, was like a dark hole pulling me in. I was so scared. 

Finally I heard my whisper, calmly and firmly, 




I took the leap.

3 months later one morning, an email took me by complete surprise, and easily altered my life.

I was granted a 2 year full scholarship by a prestigious European master program to study in France and Norway.

If my previous experiences of 'dreams-come-true' were intriguing, this time? 


"What did I do?" - I could't help asking myself.

Really. What did I do?

"No convincing grades, no striving fact, the application process felt so easy & wonderful!.."

There on, I began an incredible journey,  to discover & to fully understand



What I found about?

  • Of course, my dreams would come true! Because I did the RIGHT thing without knowing it!

  • Of course, striving, effort-ing..won't land our dreams. In fact, they push them away!

  • Of course, living our dreams is Easy and Natural. But unfortunately most of us are not taught so..

I then understand, why years ago I FELT there's a BIGGER life for me.. 

why it always PAINS me to see people striving with no result..


Because they were birthing my dream today - My even grander dream..

 To awaken the creative power within many others like YOU,


you are already born into the RIGHT family, your are never short of LUCK,

you don't need to work HARD, you don't need to STRIVE... in order to LIVE THE LIFE YOU TRULY DESIRE.


You just have to know HOW ALL OF THIS WORKS. 

so, let your new journey begin.

Want more?.. 

Some fun facts

  • Noticed I didn't mention my last name (yet)? Well, didn't want to brag. Bruce Lee and I share the same last name. Apparently that kind of makes us family 500 years ago, you know - as they say in China. No big deal :)

  • Jingjing, in Chinese, literally means Quiet Quiet (Shhh..). People laugh when they hear this. Because? - I'm kind of.. the opposite of it. Welcome to my world!

  • My biggest passion - besides being a guide and teacher at my core - is style and beauty!..I LOVE them, unapologetically. They are my sweet desires. In fact, I'm acting on a Dream about that ;-).. - be on the lookout!

  • My Chinese zodiac animal is..Dog! (ruff, ruff!) And I like to think it says much about me :), such as hardcore loyalty (to the point of no return..), overflowing sympathy, deep to the bone kind of love for service, easy persistence and natural perseverance..of course, besides the “Live in The Now” Presence. What's your animal?

  • Last but not least…I am a unicorn. :)